Dayporting/Lot Sweeping, Pressure Washing.


Enderle Property Services is proud to offer our Commercial and Large Multi-family Property Managers Dayporting, Landscape and Lawn Maintenance and Lot Sweeping services. 

Dayporting keeps your property in top condition. A weekly Dayporting service maintains the look and safety of your property. It also allows you to keep an independent eye on the property to spot any maintenance issues which need to be addressed. 

Lot sweeping/vacuuming keeps your parking lots clean and cuts down on storm drain clogs and flooding problems. Especially important in the Fall and during Cottonwood Season. Keeping lots free of slippery sand/dirt cuts down on liability and keeps your interior flooring and walkways cleaner. 


Lawn and Landscape Services. 

Taking care of the landscape and lawn areas is important to make sure the clients who enter the premises arrive to a nicely landscaped, mowed property. 


Pressure Washing services are not only important to the appearance of the building, but also reduce liability claims from slippery, moss and/or algae covered parking lots and walkways. 

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