Enderle Property Services LLC is a full service property exterior maintenance company located in Bellingham, WA. We offer Roof Cleaning, Roof Repairs, 24 Hour Emergency Roof Tarping, Lawn and Landscape Maintenance and Pressure Washing are all in our repertoire. Our roof cleaning division is state of the art. And Yes, we do Cedar Roof cleaning and restorations too! From the ground floor to the top of the Roof. We are a fully licensed, bonded and insured General Contractor. Our workers are polite, prompt, skilled and experienced. 


Little Bungalow in Bellingham. Out of State Owners didn’t realize how bad it had got. We made it pretty again! 

Lawn and Yard Maintenance. Mowing, Landscaping and Property Cleanups.

We Mow, We Mow, so its off to work we go. Yes, we mow lawns. We aren’t half bad at it either. If your lawn has taken over or life is just too busy to get out there and get things back into shape, let us help you with regular, reasonably priced lawn care. 

Landscaping Services


Is your property’s landscaping looking tired? Worn out? A bit scraggly? New Landscaping can transform a property from dull to brilliant. Sometimes simply installing some new edging, weeding, trimming and fertilizing the existing plants and installing fresh mulch can make all the difference. Simply fill out our Service Request Form and we’ll be happy to give you a fair estimate. 


Fence and Deck Cleaning and Repairs. 

Remember when your Fence or deck was installed? Man, it looked SOOO good! All bright and cedary and clean! Now, the fence is grey…or green…or both. And the Deck is grey, covered in moss and SLIPPERY! Some of the fence or deck boards boards are split or warped and the deck is getting some soft spots. The weekends are too full of fun or couch surfing to get out there and spend hours and hours slaving away on it. Let us get your fence or deck back into shape! We can clean and repair them for you and help preserve those expensive pieces of your property.   


Roof Cleaning Services 

Lets face it, roofs are EXPENSIVE! So it makes perfect sense to do everything possible to maintain your roof so it will last as long as possible. When it comes to roofs, we are experts. Seriously, our founder teaches other people how to clean roofs and builds some of the most advanced roof cleaning pump systems in the world. All products used are roof safe and designed specifically for professional roof cleaning. We operate safely with proper anchors and fall protection systems at all times. Roof Cleaning can be dangerous. Don’t risk it…call a professional! 


RoofMaxx Asphalt Roof Restoration Services

Until now, you’ve had two choices as to what to do with an existing asphalt roof…clean it and replace it. Now, there is a revolutionary third option….RoofMaxx. RoofMaxx is a roof restoration product. It restores the flexibility, permeability and surface bond back into the shingle to make it like new again. A 25 year roof can be restored to like new. Best of all, this can be done at a fraction of the cost of replacement. RoofMaxx is proven through independent testing and University studies. It is all natural so there is no worries about pets, plants or children and you can extend the life of the roof up to 15 additional years. Contact us today to see if your roof can be Maxxed out! 

Property Cleanups, Garage Reclamation Services

Have you forgotten what your garage floor looks like? Are their piles of debris along the side of the house? Get your garage and property back! From a simple dump run to get rid of that annoying pile to a full blown garage reclamation, we can handle your property cleanups. Residential, Rental and Commercial. Send a Service Request and we’ll be happy to give you an estimate. 


Emergency Roof Leak Repairs, Emergency Roof Tarping Services.

Because there is nothign worse than hearign the sound of a waterfall inside your house at 1 AM. We offer 24 hour emergency roof tarping services and we do minor roof leak repairs. 

What we DON’T Do!

As important to ask any contractor what they CAN do, is to ask what they can NOT do. In the State of Washington, a Handyman or General contractor can NOT legally perform Electrical or Plumbing work. Even minor things like replacing a toilet or adding an outlet are considered plumbing and electrical work and require a specially licensed and insured tradesman. We do not do drywall, we do not do painting, siding repairs or windows. 

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